Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Zephyr of roasted tomatoes

I'm not posting this because I think anyone wants to know how to roast tomatoes in the oven with garlic and parsley and olive oil, but just to remind them of the fantastic scent that wafts through the house when they are cooking. It winds through all the rooms and drifts past your questing nostrils and makes you remember good meals. Who could not be stirred by that smell? It reminds me of being in France in the middle of a hot July day and sniffing the air as I passed by open windows where lunch was cooking. Hot food on a hot day. Tomatoes and garlic and herbs. Mmmmm.

As they cool down to the room temperature at which I want them they will collapse slightly, so it's best to remember that and take them out of the oven while they still have a good shape. I am serving them with cold roast lamb, the remains of the boned and stuffed leg of lamb we had for Sunday lunch. The lamb was wonderful, from
The Somerset Meat Company, which sells locally reared 'stress free' meat. The lamb pretty much gambolled along the road and on to my table.


AK said...

Hi June - welcome to the food blog world! Just found you via Sam's post on BlogHer, nice to have an instant friend, yes? It's a really welcoming community, I think you'll find.

I did something like 15 or 20 batches of slow-roasted tomatoes last fall - slow meaning 12 hours in the oven. They're simply amazing! And the scent while they're roasting, yes, it's quite memorable!


June said...

Alanna - I'm delighted to hear from you. Do tell me more about 12 hour tomatoes - I would end up with difficult washing up I think. Maybe it's an AGA thing?? More info please!

lindy said...

She has an AGA. Sigh.

June said...

Own up Alanna - do you have an AGA?
I used to have one, and I loved leaning against it on a cold winter morning, but hated trying to deliver Sunday lunch because the great lump of metal began to cool as soon as you opened the lids. It took hours to boil the potatoes and everyone got squiffy.

bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

Hello June,

Just found your blog as well. Lovely.

I myself love to make those tomatoes! LOw heat in the oven for hours, the best smell ever!

June said...

Hello Bea, how nice to hear from you at La Tartine Gourmande. I am intrigued with the Twelve Hour Tomatoes and plan to make a batch (almost)immediately!

Sam said...

I do mine for only five hours at 150F

June said...

Any advance on five hours? SAM - I had a note from your MUM! I was delighted!

Matt said...

Hi June - I've just discovered your blog and I love it. I've finally started my own, which is slightly scary at the moment!

Anyway, must go and roast some tomatoes!!


June said...

Go for it Matt! I dithered for ages before I started my blog and then Lindy from Toast (see Best Blogs Link) wrote to me that you think nobody will read it and by the time you find out that they do it's too late! Please let us have your blog address.

Matt said...

Thanks. Even if nobody does read it, it's a good outlet and will hopefully stop me from boring my family to death about food!!

My blog is here: fooddev.blogspot.com

It's a bit review-heavy at the moment, but that will change - I just happen to have had two excellent meals out recently, which doesn't happen very often.


farmgirl said...

Hi June,
Well, I popped over from my pal Sam's blog, but I see my other buddies Alanna and Lindy already beat me here. : )

Love what I've read so far, but before I delve further into your site, I really must go rustle up a snack. Just your mention of all that amazing locally produced food has my mouth watering and my tummy rumbling.

As far as scents from the kitchen, one of my very favorite things about cooking is going outside and then coming back in and being blasted by the heavenly aroma of baking bread or simmering soup or. . .

P.S. Love the photo of the cows.

P.P.S. Oh, I second Lindy's sigh about the AGA (and wish I lived in a climate much more conducive to owning one). : )

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