Thursday, April 13, 2006

Gravadlax for Easter 3

I took the salmon out of the fridge this morning and it is coming along nicely. It had given out more liquid during the night and still smelt fresh and clean. It is flatter (not surprisingly) and denser, as the flesh contracts to account for the lost liquid. I cut off a small piece near the tail to taste. A rather overwhelming taste of pepper. (Have adjusted original recipe in previous post accordingly.) Rinsed off both fillets under the tap and got rid of the brine completely. Dried the fish very carefully before salting again and adding a big splosh of vodka. Strewed more chopped dill over one fillet and placed t'other over it. Wrapped in clingfilm and put back in fridge with weight for about six hours.

When I took it out again later and tasted I was pleased with the result. I discarded the resultant brine and blotted the fillets, then wrapped them tightly in clingfilm and then tinfoil and have left them to mature for a couple of days in the fridge. Had no difficulty finding the wasabi in Bath, and there was a little sourdough rye loaf in the market, so that's our first course. I am determined that this feast day is going to have less mad frantic last minute cooking involved than usual!

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lindy said...

Sigh. Last Easter, I was in England. Insuff. funds for travel this year.
It's been pretty rainy here in Pgh., too. You (in UK) and Sam (in SF) at least have the consolation of actual home grown veg, etc. available already. We have to wait until June!
Still, we do now have blooming trees, forsythia and daffodils. The picture is definitely improving.

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