Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A toast to Toast

Lindy, who lives in Pittsburgh, has a blog called Toast, and when she was in Somerset last year she noticed this 'intriguing cookshop' which was unfortunately closed. Well today it was open (actually it's very rarely closed) and its manager, Sally, is sorry she missed you Lindy! Kitchenmonger is at 17 Market Place, Wells, Somerset, or telephone +44 1749 676044. And they have everything.

Toast has just hosted a 'Something out of Nothing' event which has been a spectacular success, due to the hard work put in by Lindy. Do check out the recipes for skint wallets and empty larders, there are some wonderful treats.

1 comment:

lindy said...

Ha! Now I'm even sorrier that I missed the excellent looking shop. Someday...

Many thanks, and greetings to Sally. Love the toast rack.

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