Friday, June 20, 2008

The Glastonbury Festival

Well, the countdown is definitely under way. Next week sees the start of this year’s Glastonbury Festival. I live less than four miles away from the entrance gate and if I opened the window at my house the noise would be palpable, so I decided perhaps I had better attend in person! I’m thinking of my grandchildren. If I don’t go they will say “You lived less than four miles away and you didn’t go??? What was the matter with you???”

The last time I was at Glastonbury was 1973. There were a few people in a field. Now it has grown into the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world. Over the past few weeks the signs have been going up and the lanes have been filled with snorting screaming lorries loaded with fencing and portable loos. The big tents have been going up for companies like Orange Mobile where everyone will be able to recharge their phones, and up on a hill there is a bunch of tipis which will house the richer Festival goers.

If you’re really loaded you’ll be staying at Camp Kerala and hobnobbing with supermodels and would-be royals. I actually know someone who’ll be up there and I’m hoping the party will be at her’s!

I’ve bought a tent, which I haven’t tried to put up yet. I’ve bought an inflatable mattress with a built-in foot pump, and I’ve bought a lantern. The lantern comes with a key fob so that when you’re staggering back to your tent in the dark and you know it’s around here somewhere you can press the key fob and your tent will light up, like a beacon in the night! Isn’t technology marvellous! (I have a friend who takes a very dim view of anything that improves the Glastonbury experience. I think he thinks that suffering and getting lost is part of the magic.)

I plan to write about the food on offer, in the hope that I’ll find something delicious and tasty among the pot noodles and burgers. You never know!


Joanna said...

Enjoy yourself. I'm very intrigued by the sound of your kit, both the tent and the lamp - what make are they?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Wow! I think you're very adventurous. Can't wait for you to tell us about the food there.

June said...

Hi Joanna

My tent is a Eurohike Avon from Millets and the lantern came from Argos - nothing but the best eh!


I'm feeling rather excited in an omigod sort of way!

Sara said...

I'm toying with the idea of getting surprise tickets for my other half when he visits next weekend; it does seem a crime to be so close and not go! If only there were day tickets... I am a camping wuss. :-)

June said...

Check out the Festival website - the ticket situation is changing daily. You can now just walk up to the gate with some dosh and some identification and get in. Wouldn't mind betting you will be able to get in for the day. Getting OUT depends on where you end up parking so maybe check out the bus situation?

Joanna said...

Thanks June ... very pleased I don't have to go to Harrods / Fortnums for such useful pieces of kit, esp the lamp :)

Looking forward to hearing about the festival


lindy said...

You are a brave woman. I am looking forward to reading all about it.

It takes me back to my sixteen year old self, getting ready for a trek to the Isle of Wight Festival with my brother. We didn't actually have a tent- just sleeping bags- and I'm really amazed that my family let us go.

I think they didn't really know what it was until they read the newspapers, after we had already arrived back in Chingford, more or less in one piece. (Or two pieces, I guess, for 2 people).

I'm not so good with crowd scenes any more. The last time someone persuaded me to go to an actual rock concert, I got a huge, cranky headache from the screaming crowd. I even get kind of grumpy when the more sedate types are pushy at the opera!

Your future grandchildren are going to be very impressed.

Anonymous said...

I'm American and had never heard of Glastonbury before, so perhaps you've never heard of Woodstock? Anyhoo, my son can't understand how his parents, living in New York City, 40 miles away, didn't go. Can't say I've really regretted it; even then I preferred sleeping in my own bed. Have fun.

June said...

Of course I've heard of Woodstock! And you should be ashamed of yourself if you've never heard of Glastonbury - how un-rock and roll are you!

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