Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Apple Blossom Day

May is Apple Blossom Time in Somerset. This is when the harvest to come in the autumn starts out on its annual journey. Never an easy time as wind and rain and frost can wreak havoc on the crop, but somehow the trees make it through and when the blossom comes it’s like a snowstorm in May.

This year one of the Somerset orchards – The Orchard Pig near Glastonbury – opened its orchards to the public for the first time on Mayday Bank Holiday. The different varieties of tree come into blossom at different times, and the flowers last for no more than about a week but during that time it is a breathtaking sight. People said it was like being on a different planet for the afternoon!

The Orchard Pig has 45 acres of trees at its main home at West Bradley. In the autumn the apples will be hand-graded and farm-pressed to make five different single variety apple juices and dry and medium cider made in the French style.

The Orchard Pig
West Bradley Orchard
West Bradley
Nr Glastonbury


~~Louise~~ said...

Hi June,
What a lovely post. I was wondering about Oak Apple Day in England and gently landed at you blog. It has been too long since my last visit. Thank you for a refreshing addition to my morning coffee.

Angela said...

Oh, I wish I'd known about the open day! I'll have to keep an eye out near havest-time. Perhaps they'll open then, too?

Will said...

Hi June,

I've stumbled into your blog thanks to your comments on Dan Lepard's leaven from a few years back.
It's a wonderful read! From leaven doughs to Orchard Pig apple juice... a treasure trail of my favourite things. I tried the OP's slightly sparkling Jonagold juice on a summer's day last year, in the magical garden of the Bank House Cafe in Axbridge, and became addicted. It's just a shame, like Angela above, that I didn't know about their open day.. oh well, it'll have to be next year!

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