Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Doy Bags

I read about this collective of women in the Philippines, and when I saw their website I was immediately taken with what they do. They collect and recycle the plastic drinks sachets that are so popular in Asia, the non-biodegradable foil and plastic packaging that would otherwise go into landfill sites and incinerators, and they make bags from them. Amazing!

Almost all the women are their family's main breadwinners, most of the husbands being unable to find work due to the poor economy of the area. The women have an average of 4-6 children, thus working for the cooperative makes a real difference, elevating families from extreme poverty to a decent life.

Just at the moment I'm thinking about Christmas and there's a real chance everyone in my family will get one of these. Do have a look at www, read about the women and what they are doing, and reach for your credit card. Spread the word!

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Sephe said...

Great idea especially as we are trying to ditch use of plastic bags so how appropriate to use a bag made from recycled trash.

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