Sunday, September 16, 2007

Freshly dug carrots

If I’ve been a bit quiet lately it’s because I have been moving house. All the pots and pans and the batterie de cuisine have been boxed up and moved a few miles down the road to a market town called Shepton Mallet. It has a market cross, winding streets and cobbles. It has been badly neglected for about twenty years, but an enormous Tesco has just landed in the turnip field and things look set for a big change. I shall document the goings on as they occur.

Meanwhile there were fourteen boxes to unpack into the kitchen and much heartache and weeping because it wouldn’t all fit. The charity shops have benefited, but I have kept all the strange and battered things that I think look great. So many I could go into business.

And the best thing was that my name came to the top of the allotment waiting list, so I am now the proud guardian of a piece of the earth, and today I planted a row of spring cabbage. Somebody kindly lent me their wheelbarrow to move a bag of horse manure (yes, that serious!) and gave me a bunch of carrots he had grown. So we will have them for dinner, with a good free range chicken, all with their funny rude shapes and wonderful carroty smell.

Until broadband gets plugged in I am on wind-up internet, so things will be short, but I am definitely back in touch and have lots to write about as the mellow mists of autumn sweep in.


Joanna said...

Well, happy house moving ... and how wonderful to have an allotment, and friendly allotment neighbours who give you carrots. Wasn't Shepton where the Babycham factory used to be?


Ms Alex said...

Glad that you're still about I love your blog! I now have carrot envy... :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I do so identify with you in the problems of moving house! I used to know Shepton Mallet well. It will be interesting to learn what impact the Tesco's has. Congratulations on the allotment!

Christina said...

So beautiful. Generous neighbors are a wonderful gift, even better when they have access to a vegetable garden! Those are some great-looking carrots. Thanks for sharing them with us.

lindy said...

Do you have a clay soil then? Your carrots look like the funny ones in my farmbox, and we've got soil around here I believe could be made directly into dinnerware. Enjoy your new house and allotment!

Anonymous said...

Many blessings on your new home and new allotment!
So much to look forward to... =)

Judy said...

Carrot soup, roasted carrots, carrot and raisin salad - happy eating.

Years and years ago I was in Shepton Mallet, as horticulturist accompanying a tour. I recall it as a charming town. I bought myself a sheep-y version of a teddy bear, picking up and hugging several to find the right one. Is there a name for huggable sheep soft toys? I am inundated with suff and need a good clean-out, but Shepton Mallet (for so I named him) is a keeper!

Whatever you winnow out, you'll find new treasures.

June said...

Babycham! - yes indeed. The Showering family were great benefactors for the town.
Not very clayey soil. I think there are other reasons why carrots fork, but I don't know what they are!
I think the sheep teddy would be a great thing to bring back, I don't think I've seen one here. The town is undergoing regeneration and I'm on a committee for the Town Centre - I shall mention the sheep ted if you don't mind!

Maggie said...

Happy new home to you! I hate and love moving. The tough part is all the work, but I find so liberating the sorting and downsizing and decluttering that has to go on. And your gifted carrots are so plump and lovely! I'll bet they went well with chicken. Good to see you writing again - I really enjoy your blog!

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