Monday, June 04, 2007

The Bath & West

How I love a good agricultural show. The annual Bath & West Show, held at its purpose built showground in Shepton Mallet, showcases prize-winning livestock and some of the best produce in the country. This year the rain came down in stair rods for two of the four show days, but then the sun appeared and it all turned out fine. Most of the animals didn’t mind the rain, although the dogs all had to show inside a tent and the racket was incredible. The poultry show was cancelled because of an outbreak of non-infectious bird flu in Wales, and then the ducks couldn’t fly because of the weather.

Some of the bulls looked like sculptures. The SIZE of these animals is titanic. They stood, or sat, or leaned around, looking patient, and not at all bothered by the overwhelming levels of testosterone that were doing the rounds.

Much thoughtful consideration was given to the cheese competition…

and to the cider…

My favourites were the little pigs, who would NOT stand still to be judged.

There was even a Human Cannonball to remind us of lost innocence

And a sheep shearing competition to remind us that not every shearer is Australian

And of course lots and lots of rosettes and prizes.


mira said...

How wonderful, this looks like it must have been absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing your great photos.

Figs Olives Wine said...

Oh what a twinge of nostalgia and homesickness that gives me! Much of my childhood was spent in Scotland, and we used to go to the Highland Games. Great post and lovely photography. Thank you!

Susan in Italy said...

The photos remind me of the Minnesota State Fair. Are there pie contests at Bath & West?

June said...

Hi Susan
I've heard so much about the American fairs - I remember a guy from Iowa who used to regale us with tales of the Boone County fair - and I know there used, a long time ago, to be competitions for who could thread a needle the fastest. The sense of country folk coming together is still here, but I don't think we have pie competitions! These big agricultural fairs differ from the smaller village shows which happen all over the country during the summer. I will write about them, and their fruit cake competitions, later!

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