Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wonderful loaf No 2

Just a postscript really, to all the loafposts. I tried it again today, using 2 cups of strong plain flour and 1 cup of coarse wholemeal.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the first rising was nearly 24 hrs, but the dough did not seem to come to any harm. The second rising was 2 hrs, but the dough was quite cold to start with and I think I should have given it longer.

But no harm done, and a very good loaf emerged from the casserole dish. The crust is not so thin as with the white flour, but crunchy and cracking even so.

Definitely the way forward.


ChrisB said...

June Beccy and I just wondered you said you tipped the dough into the cooking casserole dish but at this stage according to the recipe the dough is on a tea towel which is proving a bit messy. Are we being thick or can the second proving still take place in the bowl!!!

June said...

Hi Chris

The first proving takes place in the bowl. The original recipe then says let the second proving take place on a tea towel, but I have never found that easy to do, so I use a banneton (small basket made of cane). A good substitute is a basket, or a colander, lined with a tea towel which is very very well floured. This gives the loaf some shape, or at least stops it all ending up on the floor.

Beccy said...

Thanks June. Mum cleaned the excess dough off the tea towels for me today. Maybe I need to use a lot more flour!

June said...

Hi Beccy

This bit is bound to be the most difficult. I wonder if a sheet of non stick paper under the dough would make it any easier? Have never tried it myself. Otherwise really rub a lot of flour into the tea towel.

Good luck!

Betul said...

Hi June, did you see my latest post? I was struggling to describe the bread to eat with the rose petal jam saying crusty, ciabatta like... But it was exactly this one I had in my mind, crusty with lots of holes...I made it on friday and eat with that jam, whoosh, took me to my childhood with first bite..

My son wants me to try wholemeal one, he says it looks more authentic ( meaning his granny's bread he ate in amasya last summer.)She makes excellent breads, I watched her carefuly , -unlike us- to clean her hands she uses water when kneading, not flour. Her dough is always wobbly, like this bread. That's why I wanted to try this recipe. I learned to think differently with this dough, started break the habit, bake like my mother in-law.

I also used silicon pad to line the bowl for second rising, it works. It is the stickiest dough I ever worked..

June said...

Hi Betul

Silicon pad - great idea - hope other people see this as the stickyness factor after the second rising is the one great drawback to this method.

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